Now I Understand Why They Create Unisex Pants

Maybe it’s a bit  exaggerated statement, but I fell that my life is always in constant struggles. The struggle that I am talking about does not have something to do with a huge issue or related to life and death matter. Just small things that won’t disturb my life balance overall, but sometimes it keeps poking my mind.

Like other women, I always struggle with body issue. Actually nothing wrong with my body. It doesn’t have any physical imperfection and it functions perfectly to support my day to day life. I am not pretty stunning like a model of magazine cover nor too ugly. I am not tall with long bones frame but not too short either. I am not a lean thin stick but not obese with bulging skin. I am just normal, well that’ what I believe.

However, when it comes to the time for outfit fitting, my body shape and size which I consider normal becomes the outlier. As long as I recall, I always have battles in searching for a nice  fitting outfit for my body type. It seems that my size and shape doesn’t exist. Most of the time, the available outfits are either too small or too big for me. If there is a size for me, which lies in between too small and too big, usually there were already taken by someone who is lucky enough to grab it faster.

One friend told this may indicate that the presence of women with similar body type and size like mine, are more dominant, which explains why my size is sold out faster than the other two extreme sizes.  Hello……if there are more women with the same body shape and size as mine, then why they don’t make my size more available.

Looking for a shirt or blouse is less challenging compared to looking for pants. First, let me take a deep breath first before I narrate my life long struggle every time I look for a new pair of pants.  My body shape is usually described as pear shape which has  heavy bottom. I have wide hip with narrow waist, typical woman hourglass shape. My thighs are thick in another word big, most of the time they are rubbed each other.

Nowadays the ideal body type for a woman is portrayed by long stick thin legs with obvious thighs gap preferably.  It‘s reflected by the type of woman’s pants available in the market.

One day I went hunting for a new pair of pants. As already expected,  most of ladies pants are tight fit models, which the thigh area can only fit my upper arm. I didn’t need to try those pants on, by looking at them I know it won’t fit in my thighs.

With desperate look I told the shopkeeper that I can’t have them, too small for me.  She then suggested trying   the unisex ones. I gave her a confused looked. How could my very womanly curvy bottom share the same pants with a man?  Both sexes have completely different body shapes and anatomies.

However, when she presented the unisex pants, I saw a glimpse of hope of finding new pants. And I thought why not give it a try, only need a little trip to the fitting room. In the beginning, I couldn’t believe it. When I saw my reflection on the mirror, I could see it fit nicely on my waist, hip, and thighs.   Only need little alteration to shorten the length.

There were so many questions in my head. Did my body change to man’s body type? Nope….definitely no, I know my body very well.  Or is it because more male out there with female’s body type?? I read that too much estrogen hormone contains in food can cause the hormone alteration on man.

However, finding the answer was not my priority at that moment. What important is I finally can find new pants that fit nicely on my curvy bottom, it doesn’t matter if it unisex pants. So I quickly grab a few other with different color,  before I run out the size.  Very typical woman shopping mentality.

That day I went out of the store with a kind of triumph sensation, somehow I felt that I just won a battle. Now I believe they have created unisex pants for something. Unisex pants that can fit my womanly curvy bottom.

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