Why Woman Obsessed with Bag, Is There an Answer for It?


Ladies, please tell me honestly, there must be an occasion when you meet a woman in the street, your eyes glance instantly to the handbag she is carrying with. A few seconds later you quickly turn your eyes away, trying hard to wipe tiny jealousy which for a few second swipes your mind for not having that bag.  Pretend that you have no interest in, not even a look,  her bag and more importantly you don’t want to boost her “look-at-my-it-bag” ego.

Nowadays, owning an It handbag is a status symbol, but not many understand, in antiquity time, only servant, or slaves maybe, who carried handbags so their masters could have their hand free from the heavy burden. What is considered as today’s status symbol, it was once a symbol of low-class indicator in a very stratified-structured society. It took a long journey for a handbag to transform from just a functional tool, for a servant to carry their master stuff, to its current  place as a woman fashion status symbol.

There is a mysterious relation between woman and bag. There is something about a bag that makes woman psychology adore it. It’s in her DNA, there is nothing you can do about that but accept it. We have to admit the temptation of acquiring the latest trendy bag is too big. The power behind this obsession over a  handbag is too strong.

Just go to a mall,  you can see how they meticulously displayed the bags in such a way that you can’t help but to look at. With the help of well-orchestrated lighting-play,  they look so desirable. There is a silent calling to own one,  be a part of the ladies who carry an It bag or your life will be empty without.

Let me make a confession here, I am not a type of bag lady but I have to admit the charm of those bags are irresistible. Sometimes I want to walk into that store to have a closer look or  if I am lucky enough,  be able to touch such luxurious things. Unfortunately, there is a glass wall separating me and that precious bags, figuratively and literally.

Therefore, I didn’t think twice when a friend of mine asked me to accompany her  to view a bag she has been aiming for quite some time. Mind you,  she already had a collection of handbag under her portfolio.

Having an It bag on your shoulder like having an entry card to pass the glass wall, to make you deliver you to the world of luxury. The staff welcomed us with a broad smile. Somehow I believed she scanned us from head to toe without made it so obvious. They had been trained to foresee the purchasing power by the look of the incoming potential buyer.

The first thing I notice, the whole store is very deep in  expensive glamorous atmosphere, which I found a bit cold. I wondered if I might find and an answer on why a woman is so high over heel with bag thing. I quietly  followed my friend, and sometimes gave a nod of agreement every time she showed me a bag and said, “Isn’t it beautiful?”

She picked one bag carefully, yes that the way you should treat a luxurious bag. Scrutiny the outside and inside parts, gently touch the surface to fell the texture with her fingers and inhale the smell of genuine leather. Her face looked so content as if she just inhaled a perfume.

Unlike cheap bag, never expect to find a price tag label hanging on the bags. You have to ask the price or if you experienced enough, you know where to find. Usually, they are hidden somewhere in the inside compartment.

The price petrified me a bit, I would never spend that much just for a bag? I couldn’t understand. But my friend didn’t back off a bit, for the bag she had been in love with,  she wouldn’t mind spending a big chunk of her saving.

“It’s not only a bag, it’s an investment,” she explained.  I gave a nod of agreement, even though I was not so sure about the investment part.

That day, she didn’t buy one but later, once we outside the store,  she told me she will buy the same model through an online shop at a little discounted price.  She just came to the store to check physically the long-longed bag. Genius strategy.  At least she saved some money.

Maybe there is something about a handbag that makes a woman feel feminine, sensual and sophisticated.  There is a special bond between a woman and her bag to the extent of willing to splurge.  It’s not only a desire, for some it’s an obsession and in some cases,  it also stretches to an addiction.

Gentlemen, if you find your self so perplexed with this bag obsession frenzy, don’t worry, some women also couldn’t understand, like me for example.  Whatever it is, woman obsession with an It bag will be here to stay.








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